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Photos for Chester Motor Lodge
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Chester Motor Lodge, Chester

887 J a Cochran Byp, Chester, SC 29706 | (803)385-5115
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Reviews for Chester Motor Lodge: 4
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Good Place.
By ,
I have stayed at this motel and I really like it. I found it very comparable. I stayed at other place and this motel is almost $20 cheaper than Executive Inn and very less difference in facility. I liked this motel .
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what a dump!!
By ,
we read a previous review that was positive so we stayed there, what a disgusting place! trash under the beds, what looked like blood on the box springs, mold in the bathroom everywhere and it looks like it has never been cleaned, also the toilets hardly flush, some of the light fixtures had no bulbs in them ..I would sleep in my car before i ever stayed there again!! The owner was nice but come on wash the sheets and feakin clean at least once a month!!!! For the same money the chester excutive inn was alot and I mean alot nicer!!!!
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Very Comparable
By ,
Very comparable and price is excellent. Very good peaceful location and excellent staff. We will definitely go back if we are in the neighborhood. Nice rooms. Perfect
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We will always go back there
By ,
This is an excellent place. Really nice and peaceful. You can not beat the price. You get lot more tham you pay. I went there with my family and If I visit there I will always go abck there than other hotel.
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